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Aurangabad; Hawks, Pimps, Murals and Slums

Our hotel, a $6 a night place, rests on the border of the fabric market. In the distance you can just about make out where the buildings blur to slums. The name of the place is Dimple Hotel. The sign … Continue reading

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Ellora Caves; Pop-Tarts, Buddhists and a Marriage.

The voice is loud. Loud and far to frantic for this early in the morning. His words smash through the bus. “Arungabad, we are at Arungabad” Jesus thats our stop. Cursing we throw our stuff haphazardly together and fall out … Continue reading

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Mumbai; Dinosaurs, Horns, Khaki and Shameless Gunshot Wounds

What a goddamn hectic mess of a city. I spent just under two weeks there. Caught up in the strange energy of the place. First thing noticed. Heat. A wet humid cloud of heat that hits you as soon as … Continue reading

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