An Awesome Wave; The Eisbach River Surfers.

Lets play some word association. I’ll go first because lets face it if you were to go first Dearest Reader we would have no way of knowing whether you were done or not and lets face it we are both incredibly busy people!

Ok, focus word association.

Munich, Beer, Leiderhosen, Octoberfest, beer, sausage, pretzel, beer, beer hall, drinking, beer, beer, beer.

You come to Munich for Oktoberfest, you come to experience some of the best beer in Europe, you come, essentially to get drunk.

What you don’t come for is surfing. Why would you? The closest beach to Munich is a cool six hour drive (if you hoof it) and even then I am sure that the waves you would find would not make it a worthwhile place to visit. I mean you don’t go on a surf holiday to Germany.

So to see guys walking around the Munich city centre decked out in wetsuits and carrying surfboards was kind of strange.

Turns out there is a surf spot in Munich in the form of the Eisbach River Wave. This river flows through the English gardens and has a man made wave which, if you are good enough (and you need to be good enough the water is only around 40cm deep), you can surf.


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