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The fear has gripped me, but, here I go; Mt. Elbrus. Ascent. To. Madness.

I went to bed at eight. I lay back closed my eyes and listened as the others played Uno. I didn’t sleep. I couldn’t sleep. My night passed in that same nervous tension that grips prior to a rugby game … Continue reading

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Tomorrow we will sweat and toil. The Rest day.

The rest day was spent messing around with ice axes and crampons and going through different climbing techniques. We then sort of did our own thing. I went and sat alone. The day was cloudless and I stared up at … Continue reading

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The honest intimacy of the Whiteout; Dealing with a fickle mountain.

There was a Filipino team staying at the huts. They were unable to make the summit today. They left in the middle of the night but got turned around a few hours into the climb due to a white out … Continue reading

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Some don’t ever come down from around here; Staying high, Uno and 3G. Elbrus Base Camp.

We arrived at base camp this morning after a very cold chairlift.  Base camp is a series of small huts each one about 20ft by 8ft. They are spartan inside. Each one has 8 beds, two small windows, a mirror … Continue reading

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Tragically Hip; The second acclimatization climb

Elbrus has yet to reveal herself to us in her entirety. She wears a thin veil of clouds only occasionally giving us seductive glimpses of the west summit. Today was the second acclimatization climb. We walked to the edge of … Continue reading

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We rise to the top, what you want? Mt. Terskol

When you are going to climb a very high mountain training is everything. Its not enough to just turn up on the day and expect to be able to waltz up it. My training began in February. Exclusively cardio every … Continue reading

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Terskol; Gateway to the Caucasus

I woke to the five am sun splintering through the curtains. Casting lines of light across  the room. I didn’t sleep much last night. Thoughts of the next two weeks throwing themselves round my mind. I dressed in yesterdays clothes, … Continue reading

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Zombies, Bears and Jackson 5; A trip to Sequoia national park

Some days are strange. They start off strange. Have a strange middle and then a strange night. This is the story of one of those days. It started off somewhat normally we arrived at Sequoia National Park late at night … Continue reading

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An Awesome Wave; The Eisbach River Surfers.

Lets play some word association. I’ll go first because lets face it if you were to go first Dearest Reader we would have no way of knowing whether you were done or not and lets face it we are both … Continue reading

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Paradise Engineering

One of the great things about Italy is that it is legal to sleep on the beach (or at least that is what my cousin has told me). The only problem with this is that beaches in Italy get cold … Continue reading

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