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Paradise Engineering

One of the great things about Italy is that it is legal to sleep on the beach (or at least that is what my cousin has told me). The only problem with this is that beaches in Italy get cold … Continue reading

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The time I inadvertently made a Aquaphilia video.

I brought a waterproof camera a few years ago. I figured it suited my personality. This thing was tough. It could go three meters underwater, was shockproof (I tested this by saying some pretty shocking things but it remained unperturbed … Continue reading

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Argentina 1952 Waking from a dream there‚Äôs always that slight blur between dream and reality. During this collision of perceptions your senses are heightened and time seems to slow. Though you may not know the reason for your awakening there … Continue reading

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I remember how I felt when I first wrote this poem. Small, dejected and utterly alone. Still reeling from the gut punch of a break-up. That sharp intake of air as you find yourself stumbling to breathe again. The first … Continue reading

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