The time I inadvertently made a Aquaphilia video.

I brought a waterproof camera a few years ago. I figured it suited my personality. This thing was tough. It could go three meters underwater, was shockproof (I tested this by saying some pretty shocking things but it remained unperturbed throughout), dustproof and ice-proof.

When I got it back from the store I felt like testing how it preformed underwater. I wanted to see what the video quality was like. I tied a barbell to a tripod and set the whole apparatus up in the shallow end of a pool.

Before I started filming though I had a change of heart, just swimming underwater would seem kind of boring. So I decided that I would jump into the deep end fully clothed and struggle out of my clothes like some escape artist.

I made the video here it is.

I uploaded it and thought nothing else of it. Until I noticed that my views were skyrocketing. Having found my niche I decided to make another one.

It was then that the strange messages started to appear.


i have seen your last underwater video
i have to congratulate you
you are made to be underwater

i do love underwater photos & videos but i can not find what i am looking for
so i am ready to buy photos & videos that you can do for me if you are interested

hope to hear from you soon

“I felt the videos you made, especially the “overdressed swimmer” was beautifully done. Your body seemed to be at one with the water, especially at the end of the striptease when you were finally down to your swim shorts capturing your love for the water and swimming.”

“i love the underwater vids in that pool too..but do you ever show any footage of you getting out of the pool dripping dripping wet shiny clothes..the look and feel are so cool…would love to see that in some of your vids…take it easy dude”

“Hello dear friend
thanks for your beautiful video
It ‘s very nice and will do my best congratulations, you’re a man fish
can I ask a favor?
Can you make to your video whit your performance figures handstand in the water for me?” This was my favorite message “man fish” #winning

“Why not try doing a shower video wearing your shirt, jeans, and your trainers without socks.
get yourself nice and soaked, then take off your trainers.

If you do this, please keep me anonymous.”

So yeah. For a while in 2010 I was a “wetlook/aquaphilia fetish artist”.

I don’t think I really learnt anything from this…..



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2 Responses to The time I inadvertently made a Aquaphilia video.

  1. Audrey says:

    Haha, these comments are hilarious. I am always baffled by the things YouTube viewers come up with…

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