Tomorrow we will sweat and toil. The Rest day.

The rest day was spent messing around with ice axes and crampons and going through different climbing techniques.

We then sort of did our own thing. I went and sat alone. The day was cloudless and I stared up at Elbrus.

After a while of this quiet reflection Natasha came and sat next to me then said

“Elbrus looks like baps.”
“Yes Baps.”
“I guess.”
“See you later.”

And she was gone again.

That afternoon we talked about the possibility of taking the snowcat up. I told the others that this really wasn’t the reason that I came to Elbrus.



Andrey took me to one side and told me that if I felt confident I could do the climb alone until the point where they would take the snowcat then meet up with the rest of the group and summit with them.

The climb was not technical. It was marked all the way up. I felt confident. I can do this.

Satisfied with this plan I ate a large dinner and packed all my kit ready for leaving. Janet and Joy gave me a bag full of snacks to take with me.

I then dressed in my climbing clothes and went to bed. In four hours I would wake and set off.

Elbrus Tours

The company that I am climbing Mt Elbrus with is Elbrus Tours. They are a small travel company based out of Moscow that specializes in trips to  Mt. Elbrus but also offer trips to other mountains within Russia. You should check them out!

Elbrus Tours

Elbrus Tours Facebook

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